Food waste has reached unimaginable proportions: FAO affirms that food wastage amounts to between 280 – 300 kilos per capita each year. National Observatory on food waste has revealed that products we waste the most are: dairy products (32%), meat (30%), eggs (28%). In addition, there is great difference between the Global North and the Global South. In the first case, there is an excess of food produced and bought which is often thrown out even before it perishes. in the south of the world, food is wasted because it perishes for lack adequate infrastructure and trasnport.

Food Waste In The World

Food waste is a problem of great ethical value but not only. It also represents a bad use of natural resources. For example a part of the land dedicated to agriculture is used to produce food that never arrives at its destination as well as water used for irrigation.

Food Waste Solutions

Aluminum food containers are one of the suggested solutions to reduce food waste. Trays can be sealed with aluminum or PET lids and sealing firms, in order to preserve the content. They protect foods from water, gas and external contaminants, prolonging the shelf life and preserving freshness and taste.

Aluminum containers in over 40 countries worldwide. Following some basic guidelines, food trays can be put in the traditional oven, in the microwave and on the barbecue, or in the fridge or freezer.

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