What We Are

PT. Green Source Indonesia was established in 2016, headquartered in Indonesia, and it is one of the fastest growing environmentally friendly aluminum foil manufacturers. Our markets are incrementally expanding to new territories each year.

We are pioneers in producing products from aluminum foil, that are essential for the human progress. The aluminum foil packaging products are more, than just convenience. It is a material that can be moulded without losing its integrity property values. Hence, its usage creates wide range of packaging solutions in protecting, distributing and displaying goods.

Our People

The company has the ever evolving expertise in mechanical precision, operations and highly trained professional employees. We are proud to say, that our people are one of our greatest assets. We set goals and the expectations in people at the very beginning. Furthermore, we make it a priority to identify some of the very best talents, and lay the foundations to create opportunities for personal development and growth throughout their careers.

PT. Green Source has developed packaging solutions for:

Vision & Mission

We strive to accelerate the aluminium foil packaging solutions through research and development creating sustainable link to the feature.


The greatest advantages of the aluminium foil business and the material itself are derived from its versatility, this material is used in a wide range of multibillion industries. For example, the automotive, packaging, aerospace, and construction.

It offers a wide selection of alloys, it is particularly flexible, it has a high thermal conductivity, it requires low maintenance costs, it can undergo different treatments to improve its nature, it has a high strength/weight ratio, it is infinitely recyclable. In this regard, the environment has become a major issue for the people and the planet so, for this reason, aluminium foil manufacturers is giving more emphasis on environmental factors in ramping-up aluminium production.

This creates a variety of opportunities for an investment within the industry, that projects high economic growth and returns.

Key Moments In Time


PT. Green Source Indonesia was established

July 2016


Fully running with 10 production lines

January 2017

Expansion 1

Expanded to 40 production lines, total turnover is 42 million

January 2018

Expansion 2

Expanded to 55 production lines, total turnover is 80 million

January 2019

PVC Cling Wrap Plant

PVC cling wrap plant has been installed in our factory and in operational

March 2020

TPE Gloves Plant Development

TPE glove plant is installed in our factory, adding more product list on our catalogue

April 2021