Speaking of sustainability, aluminum recycling is very important process given that this material can be 100% recycled and reused indefinitely to give life to new products every time. Another important issue is that aluminum does not lose its properties after recycling. But how is aluminum recycled?

How is aluminum recycled?

After a first selection, the packaging is collected and compacted into bales, then sent to the foundry. Here, it is pretreated in order to eliminate any coating or foreign element and it is melted. Molten aluminum is used to make ingots or plates and it is now ready to be used in the production for new products.

Why is recycling aluminum so important?

Aluminum recycling offers several benefits:

  • Save energy; It saves around 95% of the greenhouse gas emissions compared to the ‘primary’ production process.
  • Save environment; It reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Save economy; It reduces the need for extracting.

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